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On November 17, 2008 the Andhra Pradesh government made a decision to hold accountable the police officers who tortured 21 detainees after a May 2007 explosions and bombing in Hyderbad.

The story goes as so… After the bombings approximately 100 people were taken into custody for questioning, of those 21 were later released after being tortured.

After complaints of police brutality and torture, the government acknowledged the torture and promised victim compensation in the amount of $600 US, however, the government has yet to file any criminal charges against the police officers and officials who were responsible for torturing suspects and detainees.

“Acknowledging torture and providing compensation is a good first step,” said Meenakshi Ganguly, senior South Asia researcher at Human Rights Watch. “But the government has to prosecute those responsible so that those who use torture will not get away with it.”

I gotta give them some credit for even acknowledging the torture of suspects that were later released. Many countries, including the U.S., tend to deny and bury wrongdoing by law enforcement and government.

From the Human Rights Watch…

On May 18, 2007, at least nine people were killed when a bomb exploded outside Hyderabad’s Mecca Masjid, where thousands had gathered for Friday prayers. On August 25, 2007, nearly 50 people died and scores were injured in two separate blasts in Hyderabad. There were arrests after each bombing.

The Hyderabad police initially suspected Islamist extremists of carrying out the attacks. Of those detained for questioning, most were released after a few days or weeks in custody.

Many of those picked up on suspicion of being linked to the blasts were illegally detained (who would have thunk it ?!?). The Criminal Procedure Code and the Indian Constitution require that detainees be produced in court within 24 hours. Some of those detained said they were brought before the magistrate only after five to 10 days

Read the rest at the Human Rights Watch site

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I would like to thank all of our readers who come back to, well… our sick sites. We are now migrating to a better system to allow for our growth and try to get the various categories under one umbrella, so to speak.The new site will be found at and we will be moving stuff daily ’till done, it may take some time due to the spread out nature of the way JSS was originally designed (we are changing that).

Again, I want to thank everyone who comments and contributes their opinions … even JewRock, who seems to be well hated across the board… I still thank your dumb ass.

and check out the new just sick shit (not yet done, but kickin ass anyway).

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Yes, I suppose as a society we are. Do we want to see the person we believe hurt us tortured? Absolutely! Modern day executions are a good lesson in our need for vengeance.

botched-torture-execution-davis3.jpgI am not pro or con execution as a punishment, I am fairly mixed. You see, I do believe that there is no room for monsters on this planet, however, there is always that chance that justice is misguided, witnesses tainted, and the wrong person gets convicted. It seems to happen fairly often.

For anyone who feels justice is never wrong, well, they are blind because too many people have been proven innocent many years after the execution when the ORIGINAL monster struck again and mocked the world with his cunning.

The question I always have is why choose such barbaric methods to kill a man? We live in a world where dying may be easier than living and something as easily gotten as a handful of aspirins can kill you. Why does the justice system still insist on torture to kill?

Electric chair, lethal injection and the gas chamber seem to be the ways to kill… all torturous and barbaric. Whats worse is that the countries “humane” ways to die end up completely botched by incompetent executioners and flames, blood, chemicals and flying eyeballs seem to become the norm.

WTF? if you wanna kill someone peacefully and humanely there are some great methods. Sleeping pills, aspirin, opiate pain killers like morphine and anesthesia. No need to find stable veins, sponges, electrodes, gas, etc. Animals are put to sleep daily, why can they not make executions the same?

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Since the U.S. Government stands by the decision that torture is wrong and more importantly leads to bad information, they have broadened the scope of interrogation. Go figure. Sick Video about Waterboarding, torture and interrogation techniques.

Yep, they look happy, well at least she does.


Waterboarding pic from a few decades back



Hasn’t changed much has it


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This is kinda nuts. I guess these fools are trying to prove something here, maybe the ability to take burning pain. This video is a celebration that involves bare feet, big leaves and a pot of boiling oil. The dancers dance around, dip the big leaves into the hot oil and spray it on them selves… yikes. You can even here the sizzle as they dip the leaves into the oil.

Serious self torture.

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Not flowers in the attic, more like weeds in the basement… family found locked in basement after 24 years of imprisonment in windowless concrete room by her father, whom is also the father of her own children… thats some sick shit. How twisted does one need to be to commit that horrific crime against his own family.

this is the house the woman and children were locked up in for 24 years. It even looks like a prison, talk about no curb appeal.


VIENNA (Reuters) - Austrian police have arrested a man they believe imprisoned his daughter in a windowless basement for 24 years, abused her and fathered seven children with her.

Police said the woman, identified as 42-year-old Elisabeth F, told them her father Josef had lured her into the basement of the block where they lived in the town of Amstetten in 1984, and drugged and handcuffed her before imprisoning her.

Three of her children were locked up since birth in the basement of the drab, grey building along with their mother and had never seen sunlight or received any education, police said.

Some parts of the dungeon were no more than 1.70 meters (5 ft 6 in) high and officials in Amstetten said the basement labyrinth even contained a padded cell.

Fritzl had hidden the entrance to the cell behind shelves and only he knew the secret code for the reinforced concrete door, said officials.

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Ancient Chinese pin torture/medicine for how to change a girl into a boy.  It seems some not too well intentioned grandparents broke out the voodoo books and metal pins and may have tried their hands at curing that horrible Asian birth defect called femaleatosis.  That particular plague seems to effect 1/2 the population. Anyway, the pin cushion/human voodoo doll torture/cure, did not work as well as they had hoped for.  Sorry grandma and grandpa, still have a granddaughter, maybe they should have removed the pins after a few hours of baby crying and yet no miraculous change in gender.

Here is the original story… Doctors in China have saved the life of a woman who had 26 pins and needles inserted into her body when she was a child in an apparent attempt to change her sex to a boy.

human pin cushion

The objects were discovered when the 29-year-old woman, named in local papers as Luo Cuifen, went to hospital for a check-up after she started experiencing blood in her urine.

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flesh-inferno-book150.jpgCIA, Bush/Cheney and the Inquisition seem to have much in common, they all seemed to think that information gathered under duress is totally true because NO BODY would ever lie and tell them what they want to hear just so the medieval madness can be over. Maybe the book Flesh Inferno, Atrocities of Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition.

Maybe the family of Tomás de Torquemada should ask for some licensing fees for using his technique.

The water cure

medieval torture waterboardingTORQUEMADA AND THE SPANISH INQUISITION - Anthony Bruno

The accused woman lay naked on an escalera, a ladder tipped so that her head was lower than her feet. The torturer had stretched her out to her full length and bound her tightly. Iron prongs held her jaws open. Her nostrils were stopped, allowing breathing only through her mouth. She struggled, but her bounds permitted little movement, and days of relentless questioning had left her exhausted. The torturer draped a piece of linen loosely over her open mouth. Jugs of water lined a nearby wall.

Three other men stood over the woman in the torture chamber.

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check out this evil medieval torture baby… yikes, its a rusted iron maiden. The medieval Iron Maiden screams … “I piss in my pants just looking at it” It was a wicked medieval mutha fu##er that came up with this insane torture BS.


Here is another crazy medieval torture device that may scare your dumb ass… straight… hmmm?


OMG those giant skin scraping hooks!


Ahhhh, more of the crazy medieval torture devices


The Thumbscrew torture was used during the Middle Ages, most notoriously during the inquisition.


When a victim refused to reveal sensitive information, he or she would be subject to the thumbscrew. The victim’s hands were placed in the device (see below) and the torturer would crush the victim’s fingers slowly.

here be a few medieval torture techniques without pics.

Tean Zu
( Medieval Torture )
Tean Zu is an ancient Chinese torture device originally designed for women, though it quickly appealed torturers for male victims. It’s a relatively simple and yet painful torture, where a person’s fingers were placed on a flat surface. Wooden sticks were placed between the fingers connected by strings. When a victim refused to talk or deliver information to the torturer, he would tighten the string a bit more causing the tables to crush the fingers.

This torture was sometimes used in the West, for it did not damage the skin nor kill the victim.
Heat Torture
( Medieval Torture )
Designed in Ancient Turkey (Greece), the Heat Torture was extremely painful and humiliating. After a person was “convicted”, he or she would be locked inside a coffin made of brass (sometimes called the Brazen Bull).

The victim’s feet were creatively fixed to the ground. Sometimes with ropes, sometimes with nails and sometimes they were not fixed at all. The coffin was placed vertically on top of a fire where it was left for many hours until the brass turned “red hot”.

According to some historians including Herodotus, the Heat Torture was the most common torture in Greece. As years passed, the Brazen Bull became more painful and amusing for those outside. At one point, the most sophisticated device had a complex set of tubes so the victim’s screams could be heard as an “infuriated ox”. Apparently, this amused certain rulers such as the Roman Emperor Hadrian who, according to legend, burnt entire families with the device.

Now , what the hell arethese hellish torture devices?

this is scarry medieval torture

Yikes and more yikes. I have no clue what this medieval torture thingie is, but it looks WICKED!


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This one is…………..Horrific! Please only watch if you’re over 18, and think you can stomach the outcome!

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